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Rudolf Kohn was born in Colombia in 1971 to a German father and a Colombian mother. In the words of Jorge de la Fuente, “Rudolf Kohn’s paintings are intense and dramatic but with fine touches of humor and great irony. The way in which he adopts expressionist codes seems to reflect his origin’s peculiar cultural symbiosis…More than likely faces, his characters seem to be an alter ego that is revealed as a mask and simulacrum; however, a sort of compassionate lyricism peeks out sometimes…That’s why his scenes may come to be grotesque or, on the contrary, project an image in which figures show an overwhelming abandonment in dehumanized atmosphere where everything, even a flower seems artificial…Kohn is an artist whose aesthetical and social motives come in a broad fan of different tones, accents and symbols that, despite their differences, always have to do with a critical and demystifying look at today’s culture.”

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